Sustainable Development

Sustainable development was introduced in 1987 by the World Commission on Environment and Development. Its aim is to:“meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

In the health care sector, all French hospital federations made a commitment to sustainable development by signing a convention in October 2009. At that time, the French Ministry of Health stated that: "Quality health care must not be achieved at the expense of the environment”

The strategy of the American Hospital of Paris incorporates the guiding principles of this convention, and pledges to:

  • Evaluate the performance of AHP with regard to sustainable development
  • Incorporate sustainable development issues into professional practices
  • Systematically take sustainable development issues into account when evaluating projects and making investment decisions
  • Develop training programs and campaigns to build awareness about sustainable development issues and initiatives Incorporate sustainable development performance criteria when assessing results

A. Guinet - Chief Executive Officer

The American Hospital of Paris is a member of C2DS – Comité de Développement Durable en Santé (Committee for Sustainable Development in Health Care) – whose goal is to build awareness among health care players about the advantages of good sustainable development practices, in order to better control the human, environmental and economic impact of their activities.


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