About our maternity services

We place emphasis on safety and quality
as well as providing mothers-to-be
with the mostcomfortable environment,
for a memorable birthing experience.

Why choose us

For over 100 years, we have been committed to offer the best maternity services possible, including:

  • the highest standards of care and safety for you and your baby, recognized both by the American Joint Commission and the French Haute Autorité de Santé 
  • the security of giving birth within a multidisciplinary hospital, with direct access to other medical teams and departments 
  • an individualized relationship with a dedicated obstetrician
  • a range of prenatal and postnatal educational classes for you and your partner
  • a one-stop shop for all your maternity needs, from prenatal diagnosis to post maternity care
  • a comfortable and private “boutique” environment for a special birthing and parenting experience
  • an international team of Maternity Navigators to offer you and your partner a seamless memorable experience 

Safety and quality of care for both your baby and you

Quality and safety at the American Hospital of Paris Maternity Unit is recognized both by the American Joint Commission and the French Haute Autorité de Santé. 

Our teams follow strict medical and nursing guidelines for safer protocol based care. Their expertise is continuously evaluated. They all meet once a month at the larger Women’s and Health Children’s Department meeting, where clinical cases are reviewed and a global follow-up is made.

Doctors and staff of our Maternity Unit can also connect at anytime with other hospital specialists and teams if their expertise is necessary (for instance, if embolization is necessary to treat excessive bleeding). In case of life-threatening emergencies, they can use our specific protocol to alert and mobilize an emergency team 24/7. The team, which includes a cardiologist, intensivist and nurses, arrives in less than two minutes to provide emergency care to patients in a life-threatening situation.

The design and equipment of the facility was also carefully chosen to provide a safe environment:

  • Delivery rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment
  • The nursery includes a special section for special care 
  • In case of emergency procedures, and if there is no time to reach the operating theatre located right upstairs from the maternity unit, each delivery room can securely be transformed into a safe and well-equipped operating room to perform the procedure onsite. 

Prenatal tests and screening

The American Hospital of Paris Fetal Medicine Unit offers the full range of consultations
and tests, scans and blood sampling to screen for fetal diseases, infections and chromosomal malformations. This includes non invasive prenatal blood tests.

To discuss or book one of our prenatal screening packages, call our Fetal Medicine Unit from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm: +33146412882

You may also send us an email 

Medical staff working at the American Hospital of Paris

Obstetricians, obstetric anesthesiologist and neonatalogists have to apply for Practicing Privileges at The American Hospital of Paris.

Criteria they are required to meet include:

  • Practicing autorization by the French Ordre des Médecins
  • Interview with Director of Medical Affairs, Chairman of the Medical Board and the Head of department/Unit
  • Approval by Credentials Committee of The American Hospital of Paris

Our statistics

  • We have an excellent reputation for the standard of care we provide to mothers and babies. Here are our statistics for 2016:
  • Number of deliveries: 744
  • Number of babies born (including twins): 756
  • Transfer rate: 0 mothers were transferred from the our Hospital post-delivery because they required intensive care treatment
  • Infant deaths: 0
  • Maternal deaths: 0
  • Patients who said they would be ‘likely’ or 'extremely likely' to recommend us: 91%



Our team

Our expert team consists of experienced obstetricians, midwives, obstetric anesthesiologists, neonatal padiatricians, pediatric nurses and childcare assistant nurses.

They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week a weekly basis, they meet with our fetal medicine teams to make sure your baby's health is constantly monitored.

If need be, they can liaise with the Hospital’s other multidisciplinary teams. 

All nursing staff have specific training in emergency infant care and "painless healthcare" techniques.

Our facilities

Our Maternity was designed to provide safety, quality and comfort.

It is located within our multispecialty Hospital, with direct access to the Hospital’s comprehensive departments, equipment and ancillary services (e.g. immediate embolization if necessary). 

The facilities include:

  • 2 private labor rooms
  • 2 private delivery rooms
  • An area for specific baby care
  • 15 ensuite private bedrooms, including Suites
  • Nursery

The Maternity is entirely air-conditioned.

All bedrooms can accommodate a partner to stay. They all have ensuite bathroom (including a hair-dryer and complimentary bathroom amenities), a special baby changing area, a flat screen TV (with French and international channels), a mini-bar, a safe and wifi. 

A variety of services are available:

  • For each meal, you can choose between several menus. 
  • Room service is available for mothers and guests, with a choice of high quality and nutritious meals. Special diiaterary needs can be catered for.
  • A hairdresser, a pedicurist and an esthetician are available by appointment. 

Comprehensive delivery rooms

Our delivery rooms are fully equipped to provide a safe and comportable environment. Each of them is equipped with:

  • a vital signs monitor
  • adult anesthesia and reanimation equipment
  • a central monitoring station for a remote surveillance from the early stages of labor, to offer more privacy for mothers and their partners, while improving security.
  • an area for thebaby where emergency care can be provided if necessary.

During delivery, you will be closely monitored by your obstetrician and an obstetric anesthesiologist. A midwife and a nurse are present at all times.

Neonatal pediatricians can also be called to the delivery room at any time if necessary. 

Pain prevention

Anesthesiologists are available around-the-clock to perform epidural blocks and spinal anesthesia. During the postpartum period, they work with the obstetrician to ensure pain prevention.

Quality infant care

Our nursery is tailored to meet each baby's special needs while delivering the highest possible quality of care.

It includes a special section to provide care for babies who require continuous observation or extra care and it is specifically designed to keep all babies within the sight and reach of staff at all times.

Experienced pediatricians specializing in neonatal medicine are available around the clock should an emergency arise. They will examine your infant at least twice during your stay.

Although it is not a requirement in all maternity units, we have chosen to have a team of pediatric nurses or midwife on hand 24 hours a day. They have specific training in emergency infant care and "painless healthcare" techniques

As part of our quality approach, we honor a Breastfeeding Charter to promote and support breastfeeding.
A specific consultation is offered at the Maternity with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). If you wish, there can also be follow-up consultations after your departure.

A Special Parent-Child Relationship

At birth, your baby will be placed directly on your abdomen for skin-to-skin contact. Except in special cases, all newborn care can be provided in the presence of the parents.

Each bedroom has a special area where mothers can provide care to their newborn on their own if they wish. This allows mothers to stay with their babies at all times if they wish so, from birth to the time they leave the maternity.

Father Involvement
Everything is done to enable fathers to be involved in the birth process if they wish to do so: 

  • presence during delivery (both for vaginal births and C-sections)
  • skin-to-skin contact with their infant
  • access to the nursery to help care for their infant 
  • a guest bed can be provided on request



Our dedicated Maternity Navigators

Expecting a child is a wonderful life experience. To fully enjoy your pregnancy without worrying about the practical details of giving birth, our Maternity Navigators will answer all of your questions and facilitate preparations.

Our Maternity Navigators are available to answer any questions you may have:

  • Provide assistance to international patients, from their country of residence to the American Hospital of Paris 
  • Arrange a guided tour of the maternity
  • Inform you about the different steps of your pregnancy and refer you to the appropriate staff members
  • Facilitate registration at the maternity as well as all other administrative requirements
  • Answer any questions you may have concerning medical or administrative matters, such as:

 - Personalized care: how is it provided at the American Hospital of Paris maternity? 

- Birth plan: how and when should it be defined? 

- The father’s role: can he stay, and what will he be allowed to do? 

- Childbirth classes: what are they like? 

- Staying at the maternity: what services and amenities are available? 

Maternity Navigators Team 
Tel: 33146418281 
information request form

Packages and prices

We at The American Hospital of Paris Maternity place emphasis on safety and quality in order to provide you and your partner with the most memorable birthing experience.

We believe that peace of mind also comes with fixed prices, regardless of the type of delivery you choose (normal or elective C-Section).

The packages below are for the delivery of your baby at The American Hospital of Paris Maternity.

Our packages start from 7,500€

To discuss the packages or arrange your booking, contact our dedicated Maternity Navigators at 33146418281 or information request form.

Additional charges

Complicated or emergency C-section deliveries
Unplanned additional care, including non-routine exams, may be ordered by a member of the clinical team to ensure your baby’s safety, or your own. This care is subject to additional charges.

Neonatologist fees
Your delivery team may also require that a neonatologist be present during delivery, for your baby’s safety. In this case, an additional charge will be automatically added onto your final bill.

Additional nights
You may choose to stay additional nights at our Maternity, or our care team may require you to stay longer for your baby's safety or your own.

Charges for additional nights are:

Deluxe room

€1,106 per night


€2,224 par neght

Room Service

Room service is available for you and your visitors.
Charges will be added onto your final bill.


Our Maternity teams speak English and French. Free-of-charge interpreters are available in Japanese and Mandarin.

An additional fee will be charged if an interpreter in another language is required.

Additional information

  • Room upgrades are subject to availability.
  • All prices are effective from May 1st, 2016. Please note that the price you will be required to pay is the price pertaining at the day of booking. This price may be different from the one at the date of admission. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.
  • Full payment will be collected from you 3 months in advance of your estimated delivery date. You will be liable for any additional costs incurred that are not specified in these maternity packages.


Prenatal Diagnostic

We offer the full range of exams and tests, including the latest advance in non-invasive prenatal diagnostic: the MaterniT GENOME 

Find out more

Contact us: 
Phone: +33146412882


Marie-Claire Levallet

Tél : +33146418281
Mobil : +33675997585

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Visit the Maternity Unit of the American Hospital of Paris

If you are expecting and plan to deliver your baby at the American Hospital of Paris, we invite you for a tour of the Maternity Unit. 

To know more

Prenatal & postnatal classes

We offer classes for you and your partner, as exercise classes to help to maintain general fitness and prepare your body for childbirth.

For details and timings, contact our Maternity Navivators
at +33146418281
or maternitynavigatorahparis.org

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