Since 1991, the Check-Up Center
of the American Hospital of Paris
has been exclusively dedicated
to providing patients with
preventive care and screening


What we do

A preventive care center

What sets us apart

The expertise of a medical team comprising internists…

Why have a Check-Up

Reassurance, advice, follow-up

Customizing Your Check-Up

At every age, the risks are different.

En pratique

The main steps of an health assessment



Check-Up Center Founder

Thanks to the generous contribution of one man…..

New Check-up After Covid for all those who want to take stock of their health after probable or confirmed Covid-19 infection

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What we do

The Check-up Center: Believing in Preventive Medicine

We all long for a better quality of life and personal wellbeing. Since 1991, the Check-up Center of the American Hospital of Paris has been exclusively dedicated to providing patients with preventive care and screening using the most advanced technologies and up-to-date scientific recommendations.

The American Hospital of Paris Check-up Center offers:

  • Health check-ups using the latest in preventive medicine and early diagnosis techniques.
  • Check-ups required by insurance companies.
  • Corporate services: The Check-up Center performs check-ups tailored to corporate needs (managers, expatriates).
  • The International Vaccination Center: for international vaccination consultations and advice for patients traveling to tropical areas.

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What sets us apart

  • The expertise of a medical team comprising internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists and radiologists, as well as a dietician
  • The levels of quality and safety at the American hospital of Paris
  • An organizational structure optimized to simply patient care while providing patient support
  • English-French bilingual staff and specific services for patients who speak Japanese, Arabic and Chinese

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Why have a Check-Up

What are the benefits of a health check-up

  • Reassurance
    Even if you feel healthy and medical conditions are not your concern, a check-up is important to help you assess any risk factors and safeguard your health in consequence.
  • Advice
    Your check-up may be an opportunity to bring up any issues you might not have had a chance to discuss with your physician.
    It's aim is to identify, minimize and even eliminate any risk factors, to achieve early detection of any potential health problems and to provide custom recommendations.
  • Follow-up
    If further care is needed, the American Hospital of Paris' expert teams and high-quality medical and technical equipment are available to provide follow-up quickly.

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Customizing Your Check-Up

Which health check-up? For who? At what age?
At every age, the risks are different.
Lifestyle (tobacco use, inactivity, eating habits) has an impact on your health at any age.

As people grow older, their risk of developing a variety of diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, etc.) increases. Screening for them is the priority of our health check-ups.

The Check-up Center offers tests adapted to each age and specific to gender.

Optianl consultations and exams may be suggested by the doctor:

  • Optional Consultations: dermatological, ophthalmological, ENT, dental, dietician consulation
  • Optional exams: virtual colonoscopy, densitométrie osseuse, chest CT scan (low dose), mammography with tomosynthesis.

- Learn more about virtual coloscopies
- Learn more about pulmonary scans
- Learn more about mammography with tomosynthesis

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En pratique

Once the check-up appointment has been booked, the employee will receive a personalized health pack:

  • Confidential medical questionnaires to be completed and brought in on the day of the check-up
  • Description(s) of the medical assessment that will be performed
  • A Hemoccult® test (test for blood in the stools)

The Check-Up Center: an environment offering quality, comfort and privacy

  • A breakfast is served in our lounge
  • A complementary selection of newspapers, TV screens and a Wi-Fi connexion are available
  • The American Hospital of Paris also has a restaurant (“The Garden”), a snack and a tearoom

After the health assessment
A detailed report as well as a copy of the results of all the examinations performed will be sent to the patient. The doctor who supervised the assessment will remain at the patient disposal for further information or explanations.

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The health check-ups performed at the American Hospital of Paris Check-up Center are preventive check-ups and, as such, are not reimbursed by French Social Security.

If you have a private coverage agreement with an institution (company, embassy), please bring the documentary evidence when you come for check-up.

If you do not have a private coverage agreement, fees will be payable on the day of check-up.

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Check-Up Center Founder

Thanks to the generous contribution of one man, Richard Vipian, Chairman and founder of Céline, the Check-up Center of the American Hospital of Paris was founded. In 1973, as a pioneer in scientific patronage, he created the Céline-Pasteur prize, awarded each year to researchers and teams for their work and contribution to progress of health and medicine. By his contribution and continued involvement in developing the Check-up Center, Richard Vipiana has continued to support the project he initiated.



You are in good health and would like to undergo a preventive medical check-up with screening

 You are looking for a health check-up based on observed symptoms and your family and surgical antecedents

You would like to have a health check-up at our Check-Up Center. 
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You would like to set up health check-ups for executives in your company / institution

You would like information on health check-ups for senior executives.

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Japanese companies and patients

Information and appointments in Japanese

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