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November 2017

Screening of “The American in Paris” in Neuilly

On November 13, more than 220 people turned out for the screening of a documentary entitled “The American in Paris” at Neuilly-sur-Seine’s Le Village movie theater.


Co-organized by Neuilly City Hall and the American Hospital of Paris, many Neuilly residents attended the event, including the city’s deputy mayor Alexandra Fourcade and Marshall Wais, Chairman of the AHP's Board of Governors, along with AHP patients, donors, governors and doctors.


Documentary film “The American in Paris” showing from November 8 to 11, Notre-Dame Cathedral forecourt, Paris

As part of the Dame de Cœur historical and cultural initiative commemorating the centennial of World War I, the documentary film “The American in Paris” will be shown twice daily from November 8 to 11, at 11 am and 4 pm, at the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Centered on the American Hospital of Paris, this film pays tribute to the thousands of doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers who volunteered to help France and whose actions strengthened the long-standing bond of friendship between our two countries.



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June 2017

Bearing the Torch: the AHP’s Crucial Role in World War I

To commemorate the centennial of the United States’ entry into World War I, the American Hospital of Paris, which has been certified by the Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale in France and by the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, is hosting a series of events in the spring of 2017.

Our goal is to raise general awareness about the vital role played by the hospital throughout the war, which led to its recognition by the French government as an institution of public benefit on March 19, 1918.


[Translate to en:] Porter le flambeau : l'histoire de l'Hôpital Américain de Paris pendant la Première Guerre mondiale

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Lorsque que la guerre éclate le 4 août 1914, l’ambassadeur des Etats-Unis en France, Myron T. Herrick, et les gouverneurs de l’AHP offrent les services de l’Hôpital Américain de Paris aux autorités françaises pour soigner les blessés.

Dès lors, l’hôpital devient l’épicentre de l’aide américaine en France, servant de pont jusqu’en 1917 entre le formidable élan de générosité venant des Américains et les besoins immenses d’une France déchirée par la guerre.

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April 2017

Leading international conference at the AHP

On April 22, 2017, the AHP hosted an international medical conference on lung cancer screening, in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center (commonly known as MD Anderson).

Based in Houston, Texas, MD Anderson is one of the world’s leading comprehensive cancer centers and has operated a lung cancer screening program for many years.

Smoking-related lung cancer is a major cause of death for both men and women. Its mortality rate is higher than that for other cancers because it is often diagnosed a later stage, making screening crucial.

A National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) in the United States showed that screening is effective and lowers the risk of dying from lung cancer by 20%. But screening also raises many questions about patient selection, overdiagnosis and false positives as well as psychological and financial aspects. Specialists from MD Anderson set out to respond to these questions by demonstrating the impacts and outlook of the NLST study.

Through this conference, the AHP and MD Anderson strengthened their long-standing ties, promising to step up their collaboration over the coming months.

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[Translate to en:] Une conférence internationale de premier plan à l’AHP

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Le 22 avril 2017, l’AHP organisait une conférence médicale internationale en partenariat avec le MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDA), sur le dépistage du cancer du poumon.

Le MDA (référence internationale en matière de cancer, basée à Houston, Texas) a mis en place, depuis de nombreuses années, une structure de dépistage du cancer du poumon.

Le cancer du poumon lié au tabac est une cause majeure de décès chez l’homme comme chez la femme. A la différence d’autres formes de cancer, le taux de mortalité est plus élevé car on est souvent face à un diagnostic tardif. D’où l’importance du dépistage.

Ce dépistage a été validé aux Etats-Unis par l’étude NLST qui montre une diminution de la mortalité par cancer du poumon de l’ordre de 20%. Mais ce dépistage soulève de nombreuses questions : la sélection des patients, le surdiagnostic, les faux positifs, les aspects psychologiques et financiers, etc. Les praticiens experts du MDA ont tenté de répondre à ces interrogations en exposant les impacts et perspectives de l’étude NLST.

« L’Hôpital Américain a une volonté constante d’atteindre l’excellence médicale. Le MD Anderson Cancer Center est la référence internationale en cancérologie. C’est pourquoi j’ai voulu financer l’organisation de cette conférence médicale internationale car je souhaite que l’AHP puisse profiter de l’expertise des meilleurs cancérologues américains. » Donna Chapman, Gouverneur de l’AHP

Par cette conférence, l’AHP et le MDA resserrent encore les liens qui les unissent depuis de nombreuses années et leur collaboration se renforcera dans tout prochains mois.

Voir la vidéo

March, 2017

Robert Sigal, MD, PhD, new Chief Executive Officer of the American Hospital of Paris

The Board of Governors of the American Hospital of Paris, chaired by Marshall I. Wais, has appointed Robert Sigal, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer as from March 1, 2017.

Dr. Sigal holds an MD from Cochin Port Royal Medical School in Paris, and a PhD in neuro-anatomy from Lille University. His background combines more than 30 years of extensive medical experience as well as business leadership in the field of medical technology.

Dr. Sigal’s extensive medical knowledge, business background and experience involving international markets are invaluable assets that will help him to increase the attractiveness of the American Hospital of Paris, both in France and abroad. 

December, 2016

Tribute to Chirstiane Guerlain

Following the Board of Governors meeting on December 7th, our doctors and care team attended a ceremony in tribute to Christiane Guerlain at the American Hospital of Paris auditorium. Christiane Guerlain, who passed away on September 18th at the age of 95, was incontestably one of the most fervent ambassadors of the American Hospital of Paris, and also one of its biggest patrons. As underscored by Marshall Wais, Christiane Guerlain was recognized for her commitment, courage and exemplarity.

For more than 40 years, Mrs. Guerlain devoted her talent and energy to serving our Hospital, first by creating the Women’s Auxiliary, an association of women volunteers dedicated to providing comfort and support to patients. In 1977, she became the first female member of the Hospital’s Board of Governors and shortly thereafter the first woman co-president of the Development Committee.

Although we miss her, we are proud to have known and worked alongside this exceptional woman who embraced a single idea: “What can we DO for others? What can we DO to avoid taking the easy way out, DO to combine the good intentions and efforts of all, with each of us working to our own ability? DO to set an example and improve cooperation by all?”

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November, 2016

Preserve your health - get vaccined!

Often considered to be a harmless disease, the flu is a viral infection that can be particularly virulent, especially when it strikes the most vulnerable victims. Because vaccination is the main preventive measure available, the American Hospital of Paris has made it a priority in terms of patient protection.

Our healthcare professionals were encouraged to set an example by receiving a free vaccination at our Occupational Medicine Department.

Electronic transfer of hospital claim forms

In our 64th issue of L’Américain, we announced that claim forms for the reimbursement of AHP hospitalization expenses are now electronically transferred to the relevant French national health insurance office and to supplementary insurers. 80% of our patients in the greater Paris area now benefit from this process, which will be extended to most of our patients outside Paris within a few weeks. This is a considerable advantage that ensures reimbursement within just four business days.

October, 2016

International experience : Our nurses in New York

The American Hospital of Paris has been working closely with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) for several years. This friendly partnership has translated into valuable international experience for many of our nurses.
Since 2003, nine two-week trips to New York have been organized, to the benefit of 53 members of our healthcare team.

In early October of this year, a midwife and five registered nurses specializing in different areas, including maternity, surgery, outpatient care, dialysis and day and night medicine, traveled to New York. There, they took part in an orientation session for American nurses newly hired at NYP, and were immersed in the different care units, working in tandem with an American counterpart.

They were also tasked with identifying innovative, transferable working methods that would allow the AHP to differentiate itself among French hospitals, as well as with readying themselves for the transition to all-electronic medical records.

The AHP’s Privileged Circle of Members now boasts more than 3,500 members, and we are very grateful to you all.


American Hospital of Paris - Development Office - 63, Bd Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - France - Tél : +33 (0)1 46 41 27 97

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