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I would like to bequeath a small apartment to the American Hospital of Paris. What would the hospital do with it?

Gifts of real estate bequeathed to the hospital are sold by us. The proceeds are then used to fund building renovations or acquire advanced medical equipment. If you prefer, you can choose how you would like the money to be used.

I have no direct heirs. I would like to transfer my property to the American Hospital of Paris and to the daughter of a close friend. How would the inheritance tax be divided?

By naming the American Hospital Paris as a universal heir, you can instruct the hospital to transfer a specific legacy to your friend’s daughter, net of fees and taxes. The hospital pays all the inheritance tax due, and your friend’s daughter receives the same amount as if you had made a direct bequest to her. The hospital receives the remainder. For example, if you leave €100,000, your friend's daughter receives €40,000 and the hospital, €36,000. The inheritance tax due is reduced from €60,000 to €24,000.

If I make a bequest to the American Hospital of Paris, who will settle my estate?

Your notaire will inform the hospital of the succession and bequest. We then work together with the notaire to strictly carry out the wishes expressed in your will.

Is it legal to make bequests to several foundations or institutions like yours that are authorized to receive them?

Yes, of course, but it will take longer to settle your estate and increase the related fees. The simplest solution is to designate one foundation or institution as a universal heir and instruct it to transfer specified amounts to the other beneficiaries.

Can my bequest to the American Hospital of Paris be challenged?

No. You are free to make your own choices and decisions. Only your direct descendants and surviving spouse have a right to a percentage of your estate. The remainder is for you to distribute at your discretion. No one can challenge your choice.



Pierre-Henri Ollier
Civil Law Notary
+33 (0)1 46 41 26 09

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