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Photo Exhibition : the American Hospital of Paris during World War I

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, the American Hospital of Paris is exhibiting photos from our archives illustrating the involvement of nurses, ambulances, volunteers and physicians at the time, celebrating their deep commitment to protect our freedom.

On 2 August 1916, the Board of Governors of the four-year old institution resolved to assist the French soldiers who would inevitably be wounded: they would treat French casualties free of charge. The government would give the Lycée Pasteur, a soon-to-be opened school for boys, to the Americans to run as a fully fledged military hospital.

The American Hospital’s Board of Governors and Medical Board undertook to manage and fund the Ambulance de l'Hôpital Américain de Paris, section des blessés in the Lycée Pasteur. They chose the French term ambulance deriving from hôpital ambulant, a medical unit that historically followed soldiers to the front, but came to mean any military hospital.

The American community in Paris mobilized in August 1914 to recruit staff, obtain equipment and cover the costs. Donations came in many forms.

By December 1916, the American Ambulance was treating 1,600 wounded men daily and ran a fleet of thirty-five ambulances. With the arrival of American troops in France that June, the American Hospital of Paris came under U.S. Army control.


After the war ended in November 1918, the American Hospital reverted to its status as an American-chartered civilian facility for Americans in Paris but open to all. In 1918, to thank the Hospital for its extraordinary service during the war, the French Government certified the AHP as in institution of public benefit (Decret of March 19, 1918).




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