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On June 11, 2019 the first Harvey Cushing Medical Symposium will be held on the theme of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging. The Symposium is named in honor of Hervey Cushing, the father of neurosurgery who worked at the American Hospital of Paris during the First World War.

This annual symposium is organized by the American Hospital of Paris in partnership with NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, Weill-Cornell Medical College, the French American Foundation and the University of Paris Descartes and will feature leading French and American experts.

We will have the pleasure of welcoming, among other conference guests, Professors Lawrence Schwartz, Richard Ha, Laureen Hill (NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University), Pr Jonathan Weinsaft (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College) and Pr Lee Goldman (Dean of Columbia University).

This symposium will address the contribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cancer imaging, such as breast cancer, for example, from screening to therapeutic evaluation, as well as the impact of new augmented imaging algorithms in diagnosing cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.

Internationally recognized experts will respond to the many questions posed by the development of AI in imaging: How to refine and improve the interpretation of images? How does AI promote the move away from anatomical imaging towards functional and quantitative imaging? How to model the growth of tumors and predict the response to treatments? How will AI change the organization of care pathways in imaging units and hospitals? Who is responsible for making the diagnosis, the doctor or the machine?, etc.

This groundbreaking topic is completely transforming the medical world well beyond imaging and should open up the possibility of more personalized and predictive medicine to better treat the actual patients.

The morning’s sessions are dedicated to Physicians and Caregivers and the afternoon’s sessions are open to a wide audience interested in scientific and technological progress for improving health.

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