Outpatient program

Your physician has prescribed a set of medical exams for you. These exams may require tests or visits with specialists in various departments of the American Hospital of Paris. For your convenience and peace of mind, we offer a personalized assistance and organization service:
On the scheduled day, you are greeted upon arrival and escorted to a private lounge. You will be accompanied to each department you need to visit. Waiting times will be kept to a minimum

Medical exams made simple

  • 1

    We schedule all of your tests on the same morning or day, or over the number of days they require

  • 2

    We take care of all your administrative paperwork

  • 3

    We manage your medical file

  • 4

    We provide you with a single invoice

Your contact: :

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Marine Lanchon - Outpatient Program
Email: marine.lanchon@ahparis.org
Tél. : 01 46 41 28 04
Fax : 01 46 41 26 17

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