Publications Scientifiques

Reactional Retinal Progenitor Neuronal Cells in the Human Ciliary Epithelium in Patients with RD and PVR : a potential autologous source for retinal repair ? - 09.01.2017

Claude Boscher, MD, Yvette Ducournau, MD, Ron A Adelman, MD, Didier Ducournau, MD. Retinal Physician, July 2012, 20-25, peer-reviewed section.

Endoscopy-assisted vitrectomy for severe endophthalmitis - 09.01.2017

Boscher Claude Retinal Physician, November 2012

Retinal Progenitor Cells Contingents in the Adult Human Eye with Retinal Injury: a Specific Differentiation Potential According to the Localization? - 09.01.2017

Boscher Claude, MD; Yvette Ducournau, MD; Ron Adelman, MD; Colette Guillaubey, MD; Didier Ducournau, MD Exp Eye Research, November 2012, 105, 79-80.

Experimental Vitreoretinal Surgery in Porcine Eyes. - 06.01.2017

Claude Boscher, Didier Schmidt-Morand, Delphine Holopherne, Olivier Gauthier Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s00417-011-1891-6

Implications anesthésiques de la chirurgie thyroïdienne ou parathyroïdienne par voie axillaire sous robot-assistance : à propos de sept premiers cas - 23.06.2015

Annales Française d’anesthésie et Réanimation.

Indications for the Gasless Transaxillary Robotic Approach to Thyroid Surgery: Experience of Forty-Seven Procedures at the American Hospital of Paris - 23.06.2015

European Thyroid Journal 2013; 2: 102-109

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