Pour les patients américains

Ces informations sont destinées aux patients américains et à leur famille afin de les aider dans l’organisation de leur séjour et la prise en charge de leurs frais médicaux par leur assurance.


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Download Practical Information for Patients and Families, which was created to provide information for those experiencing an unexpected hospitalization and who may be required to stay in Paris for an extended time.


Birth Certificates

The American Hospital of Paris does not issue birth certificates. Births at the Hospital must be registered at the Marie (city hall) of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the town in which the American Hospital of Paris is located.

If you plan to give birth at the Hospital in the future, the Hospital will provide you with all of the healthcare documents necessary for the birth registration at the mairie, which must be completed within 3 days of the birth. Once you have the acte de naissance, you can then register your child at the U.S. Embassy to have a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. See specific Embassy requirements at: http://france.usembassy.gov/birth_abroad.html

In the event that you need a birth certificate for yourself, you will need to contact the mairie directly. You can request a birth certificate online by visiting the city hall’s official website:

Helpful contact information

Insurance Coverage (for patients not covered by French Social Security)

Outpatient Services: All outpatient services and consultations must be paid for at the time of the service. This includes doctor consultations, laboratory, medical imaging, etc.  Patients will be provided a receipt which can be submitted to their insurance company for reimbursement. Please see Tri-Care for active duty military exception.

Hospitalization Fees: Hospital fees may be covered, partly or in full, by a private insurance company. Our billing office can request a “guarantee of payment” from the insurance company, provided that patients presented adequate proof of coverage at the time of admission, such as an insurance card.

The Hospital does not work directly with all insurance plans. Patients may be required to pay for all fees out-of-pocket and then file directly with their insurance company for reimbursement.

To discuss your insurance plan or payment options, or to request an itemized bill in English, please contact the billing office directly at + 33 1 46 41 25 61.

Tri-Care Coverage

Active Military: Tri-Care does provide coverage at the American Hospital of Paris for active American military, and most services do not require payment out-of-pocket. However, in order to benefit from this, patients will need to present a Tri-Care authorization form (guarantee of payment) in advance for all services, except for emergency care.

Retired Military: If you are retired from the military and benefit from Tri-Care, care at the American Hospital of Paris is normally covered, but patients are required to pay out-of-pocket for all services. Patients must then file directly with Tri-Care for reimbursement.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare does not provide coverage for hospital or medical fees outside the United States. However, some Medicare supplement plans will provide emergency coverage at the American Hospital of Paris. This should be verified with the patient’s insurance carrier prior to traveling to France.

Medical Records

During your hospitalization, all information concerning your treatment and condition is entered into your confidential medical file. The see your file, simply ask the nurse manager of your care unit.

After hospitalization, you can request a partial or full copy of your medical records by contacting Medical Archives.

What you will need to provide:

  • French law requires that patients requesting their archived medical file provide a written, signed request, along with a photocopy of their identification (passport, driver’s license, etc.).
    This can be sent by email or fax: + 33 1 46 41 29 27.
  • If the file is more than two years old, patients are required to pay an archive retrieval fee, which is approximately 25 Euros.

Reports in English

Written English translations of hospitalization/operating reports may be required for follow-up doctors’ visits or for insurance purposes. The American Hospital of Paris does provide these, for free, upon request. 

Please contact the Medical Archives Service by email or by phoning + 33 1 46 41 29 27.

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The American Hospital of Paris recognizes that art can help significantly in the healing process of its patients.

The American Hospital of Paris is also aware of the rich and diverse talent in its community and wants to provide emerging American and International artists living in France the opportunity to exhibit their work to the tens of thousands of individuals – patients, family members, doctors and staff– who visit the Hospital each year.

To know more about this exhibition opportunity

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