Our Mission

The best in French and American medical practices for the health of patients of all nationalities

The mission and values of the American Hospital of Paris have always been focused on the patient  - quality of care, ethical practices, and service.

Our mission

As a private and not-for-profit Franco-American institution, we have fixed the following three objectives:

  • Bring together the best in French and American medical practices to Paris
  • Deliver personalized and high quality care to the members of the French, American and international communities residing in France and abroad.
  • Follow ethical practices and respect the cultural diversity of our patients.

Our values

In order to offer our patients the highest quality care, we truly believe in:

  • Respecting the cultural diversity, dignity and rights of all patients receiving care
  • Being responsive to the needs of patients and their families
  • Stimulating teamwork and open communication
  • Continuously improving the quality of our services
  • Ensuring that members of the hospital and medical staff work in a clean and safe environment, guaranteeing optimum working conditions and efficiency
  • Complying with French laws and our hospital’s Code of Ethics.
  • Using all contributions from members and donors either for specific projects or for the hospital's overall strategy


American Hospital of Paris - 63, Bd Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - France - Tél : +33 (0)1 46 41 25 25


American Hospital Of Paris