About us

Who we are

The American Hospital of Paris is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary healthcare institution of recognized public benefit, accredited by both the American Joint Commission and the French Haute Autorité de Santé.

Quality of care & certification

True to its mission and history, the American Hospital of Paris places quality and safety at the heart of its practices while complying with the highest medical standards.

Leveraging our medical expertise

Featuring eminent doctors accredited by a system unique in Europe, experienced nursing staff and comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing services, the American Hospital of Paris has a capacity for mobilization and responsiveness that is unparalleled in France.

The American Hospital of Paris is a member of the French Healthcare association which contributes to promoting the French vision of health, based on a humanist approach to care and equitable and fair access to health products and services.


Join us!

Working at the American Hospital of Paris means benefiting from exceptional working conditions, allowing personalized care to be given to French and international patients with the permanent concern and respect for ethics, medical practices and cultural diversity.

Joining our teams means becoming a player in this culture of performance and excellence.

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