centre de Dialyse

Dialysis center

Our Dialysis Center adapts to your needs and applies the fee schedule established by Assurance Maladie, the French national health insurance.
Dialysis center
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Dialysis Center

Wing B - Level 0

A Dialysis Center Within a Multidisciplinary Hospital

We have been delivering care to patients in a safe environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology since 2007.

Our center features latest-generation equipment for hemodiafiltration (HDF), blood volume monitoring and generators approved for online hemodiafiltration.

It benefits from direct access to all the amenities of a multidisciplinary hospital, including high-performance diagnostic and testing facilities.


Optimal Quality and Safety of Care

  • Water is purified through two stages of osmosis in series, ensuring ultra-pure water whose quality is controlled by our pharmacist
  • Generators are disinfected after each session and only disposable materials are used
  • A team of nephrologists is present at the dialysis center


A Welcoming Environment

  • Our small-scale center features 12 dialysis stations, three of which are individual rooms

  • The following services are available to all patients: individual access to TV, Wi-Fi, tablets and DVD players


Care Tailored to Your Needs


  • Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available based on your needs
  • No waiting list: stations are reserved for travelers
  • An English-speaking medical team and multi-lingual interpreters are on hand to assist you in Japanese, Arabic and Russian.



European health insurance cards and many international insurance plans are accepted by our hospital.