Check-up center

Check-Up Center

Established in 1991, the Check-Up Center at the American Hospital of Paris is a center entirely devoted to preventive medicine and screening.
Check-Up Center
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Check-Up Center

Espace Diagnostic Santé Richard Vipiana

A Center Devoted to Prevention

Established in 1991, the Check-Up Center at the American Hospital of Paris is  recognized for its proven expertise in preventive medicine and performing medical check-ups. It offers various types of check-ups, as well as services adapted to your needs.

Every year, we are able to discover risk factors or disease in many patients through our check-ups.

What Sets the Check-Up Center Apart

  • The quality, safety and comfort of The American Hospital of Paris.
    Availability of cardiac function tests, cardiac scintigraphy, MRI and CT scanner.
  • Excellent, efficient and attentive hospitality
    An organization optimized to simplify patient care management and support
  • Bilingual French-English staff
    with specific support for patients who speak Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.
According to an anonymous quality questionnaire conducted with 724 patients
97% of our patients recommended the Check-Up Center

What happens at a check-up?

Le déroulement d'un bilan de santé

Why should you have a medical check-up?

For reassurance

Even if you are feeling great and have a low risk of illness, a check-up can be useful because it allows you to become better informed of your risks and better manage your health capital.

To get advice

Your check-up will give you the opportunity to discuss issues with the doctor that you have never had the chance to address during regular visits.

The purpose is to identify, reduce or even eliminate risk factors in contracting an illness or disease, to detect potential health problems early and to benefit from individualized advice.

For follow-up

If you wish, the American Hospital of Paris can provide you with quick access to excellent diagnostic and technical services, and treatment by top specialists.

At the origin of the Check-Up Center, a patron: Richard Vipiana

At the origin of the Check-Up Center's foundation, there is a man, Richard Vipiana, who, thanks to his generous donation, has made this center possible. Founding president of Céline, a prestigious luxury clothing and accessories company born in the immediate post-war period, Richard Vipiana was able to raise a small shoe manufacturing company to the name and worldwide influence that we know. A pioneer in scientific sponsorship, in 1973 he created the Céline Pasteur Prize, awarded each year to researchers and teams who have distinguished themselves through their work in the service of health. Through his involvement in the creation and development of the Check-Up Center, Richard Vipiana continues this commitment.