Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (Abpm)

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is a method to record blood pressure over a 24-hour period using a special device. With this test, variations in blood pressure – whether it is too low or too high – can be measured throughout the day.

Why perform ABPM?

What is the purpose of ABPM?

Le holter tensionnel est un petit appareil relié à un brassard tensiomètre qui permet de mesurer et d'enregistrer la tension artérielle sur une période donnée. Véritable aide au diagnostic, il peut également servir à vérifier l’efficacité d’un traitement médical.

L'examen est indolore et n’entrave pas les activités quotidiennes. Une légère pression peut se faire ressentir lors de l'enregistrement régulier de la tension, toutes les 20 minutes la journée, et toutes les heures pendant la nuit.

Toutefois, si l'on vous prescrit la pose d'un holter il est important de vous conformer à vos habitudes de vie, en particulier s'agissant de la prise de vos médicaments. 

You must make a second appointment for the following day, in order to return the device to the hospital.

How do I get fitted with a holter blood pressure system?

You will need an appointment with our function testing department (Level B0). At the scheduled time, a nurse will call you and place the device. 

A blood pressure cuff will be placed on your left arm if you are right-handed, or on your right arm if you are left-handed. A small device is then attached to the cuff.

You will receive a journal where you can record your activities and any symptoms you experience throughout the day. 

This appointment lasts around 20 minutes. 

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I prepare to get fitted with a Holter blood pressure system?  

    There is no need to fast before being fitted with the device. For extra comfort, we recommend wearing a top with wide sleeves on the day of your appointment.
  • When the readings take place, do I have to be in a specific position?

    When the device turns on to take your blood pressure, it is important to keep your arm still. 
  • Can I take a shower while wearing the device?

    The Holter blood pressure system is not waterproof. Being immersed or even sprayed with water would cause permanent damage. We therefore ask that you do not shower or bathe during the 24-hour monitoring period.
  • Can I use my phone while wearing the device? 

    Yes, mobile phones and other devices do not interfere with the smooth running of the Holter blood pressure monitoring system.
  • Can I remove the device temporarily? 

    No. You must wear the device at all times to ensure the readings are accurate and the device functions properly.
  • The device turns on more than once every 20 minutes. Is this normal?

    No. If the device turns on too often, make sure the cuff is correctly positioned.
  • The device seems to have stopped working

    Make sure it is plugged into the cuff. If it has come unplugged, plug it back in the way the nurse showed you.

  • Then press the button once to reinitiate the device.
    If the issue persists, please contact the medical team using the phone number provided when you were fitted.
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