How is a scintigraphy scan done?

Before the exam

Is there any special preparation required for the exam?

In most cases, there are no special precautions to be taken before the exam.
You can eat and drink before or after the exam.

We strongly advise against wearing jewelry as much as possible, and it’s better to opt for comfortable clothing. 

Pregnant women and young children are not allowed in the ward. If you are pregnant (or likely to be pregnant), if you are breastfeeding, you must inform the staff as soon as you arrive in the department.

Are there any counter indications?

The only counter indication concerns pregnancy.

Can I get allergies or side effects following the injection?

To date, there are no cases of allergy or side effects to the product. If you came by car, you can drive again.

I am already on medication, what should I do? 

For the vast majority of scans, you can take your usual medication.

For myocardial scans, instructions will be given to you by the cardiologist.

For thyroid scans, we will ask you to specify the treatments in progress.

On the day of the exam

What should I bring?

 - Bring the results of your latest tests: scans, PET-Scan, MRI, blood test...

- For myocardial scans, it will be useful to bring your current treatment prescription.

How is the exam performed?

On arrival, you should go to the front desk for the necessary paperwork.

Then, the exam will take place in two stages:

  • The administration of medication (eventually with an exertion test for cardiac scans)
  • Capturing images under the camera.

You will lie on an exam table where all you need to do is remain still and breathe normally during the entire exam. The camera will come as close as possible to you for a better detection of the product.

Is the exam painful?

The exam is painless and without side effects. Only the administration of drip may seem unpleasant. 

I am claustrophobic, will I be able to do the exam? 

All our teams are attentive to your needs so as to carry out the exam in the best possible conditions.
With the consent of your doctor, an anxiolytic may be prescribed. (Careful, if on medication, it is imperative not to drive)

How long will the exam last?

You can leave the department for exams to be carried out in two phases (e.g. bone scans), the amount of time spent in the ward notwithstanding, the duration of the scintigraphy will not exceed an hour.

Patients who arrive after you may be called before you.      

After the exam

When will my doctor have the results?

The entire examination (images and report) will be sent by mail to your prescribing doctor within 48 hours.

Are there any instructions I need to follow after the exam? 

The medication will naturally be eliminated within a few hours. To accelerate the elimination, you are advised to drink plenty of water and to urinate frequently.

Some places have radioactivity detectors (airports, etc.) that you may set off for several days. A certificate stating that you have had a test will be provided upon request.

If you are to be hospitalized within the next few days, point out on admission that you underwent a scintigraphy exam.

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