Renovation and Transformation of the 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit

After several months of work, the new space, extended by 80 m², opened its doors a few days ago.

Notre nouveau service d'urgences à Neuilly

L'Hôpital Américain de Paris remercie tous les généreux donateurs qui ont entièrement financé cette réalisation majeure pour notre institution.

The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit has been renovated and transformed to increase its reception capacity and offer all patients a modern, cozy and warm environment.

The new space, extended by 80 m², makes it possible to organize separate routes between "standing" patients and "lying down" patients, in order to streamline stays and reduce real waiting time. The circulation plan is based on the principle of "moving forward": between reception, care, examinations and discharge, the patient progresses constantly, without ever going back, which significantly improves the feeling of expectation.

The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit offers waiting areas and individual rooms promoting comfort, intimacy and confidentiality.

    The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit of the American Hospital of Paris is a center for consultations and care featuring premium diagnostic and testing facilities.

    In addition to handling traditional medical emergencies, our unit is equipped to treat the following, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

    • Cardiac emergencies (heart attack, rhythm disorders) with angioplasty and rhythm disorder diagnostics and testing.
    • Surgical emergencies (orthopedic, visceral, vascular, …) with specialists and operating rooms at their disposal.
    • Endoscopic emergencies (digestive and bronchial).
    • Neurological emergencies with a neurologist on call.
    • Gynecologic and obstetric emergencies with a specialized sonographer and obstetrician on site.
    • Urological emergencies with an on-call urologist (24-hour care of kidney stones)
    • Dental and maxillofacial emergencies with a dental surgeon on call.
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