Unité d'anesthésie


Each patient is followed by one of our anaesthetists, who is responsible for all aspects of the patient's care: pre-anaesthetic consultation, anaesthesia, monitoring of the recovery phase, post-operative care, pain management.
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Anesthesia consultations

Office 3 and 8 - Wing B - Level 1

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What sets us apart

  • Personalization of care
    Each patient is followed by a single anaesthetist who will be responsible for his or her entire care.
  • Pain management
    The fight against pain is a daily priority for everyone. It is based on the specific training of doctors, the presence of "pain" referents within the Care Units, and the availability of self-analgesia devices controlled by the patient.
  • Reactivity 24/7
    The presence of a resuscitation doctor is guaranteed day and night and 7 days a week, with an intervention at any time and in less than 4 minutes in case of vital emergency.

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