Chirurgie vasculaire

Vascular Surgery

Our unit diagnoses arterial and venous vascular diseases and provides the associated minimally invasive medical, surgical and endovascular treatment.
Vascular Surgery
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Vascular Consultations Reception


Vascular Surgery Consultations

Office 10 - Wing B - Level 1

Vascular Explorations (Doppler ultrasound)

Wing B – Level 0
Phone: +33 1 46 41 28 10

Conditions Frequently Treated

A Rapid, Multidisciplinary Response to Your Health Needs

Our unit is staffed by vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and vascular doctors who perform non-invasive explorations.

We work in close collaboration with each other to offer the most appropriate solution to each patient.
Surgeons and Doppler-ultrasound specialists are on call 24/7 to manage emergencies via the Medical-Surgical Unit.

We work efficiently with other specialists at the Hospital involved in vascular disease including cardiologists, internists, neurologists, diabetologists and nephrologists. We also collaborate with surgeons specializing in other pathologies, who share their opinion and intervene as needed.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Collaborative approach
    Collaboration with specialists practicing at the American Hospital of Paris
  • 24/7 treatment of acute disorders
    Acute vascular disorders: any necessary explorations and the associated treatment can be performed and delivered on site 24/7
  • State-of-the-art technology
    Latest-generation diagnostic and testing services (CT angiography, magnetic resonance angiography, PET scan) available 24/7

Main Treatments & Exams Available

Our unit features world-class technology for non-invasive explorations. We also benefit from the Hospital’s complete range of diagnostic and testing services (CT angiography, magnetic resonance angiography, PET scan), an outpatient surgical department and a high-performance operating suite.
chirurgie vasculaire