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Our unit handles all adult and pediatric dermatology appointments, provides dermatologic care for emergency patients, and treats the skin conditions of hospitalized patients.
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Dermatology Consultations

Office 27 - Wing F - Level 1

Conditions Frequently Treated

Efficient Multidisciplinary Care

Our unit offers pediatric and adult dermatology consultations. As a team within a multidisciplinary hospital, our dermatologists work closely with other medical specialties on a daily basis.

  • If requested by the patient’s attending physician, we diagnose and treat the dermatological disorders of hospitalized patients.
  • Our dermatologists may also be called on to provide a specialist opinion for patients who visit the Medical-Surgical Unit of the American Hospital of Paris.
  • When treating skin cancer, our specialists work closely with the plastic and reconstructive surgery unit and with the cancer care unit.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Rapid response times
  • Multidisciplinarity
    Our unit works closely with oncology, internal medicine, and infectious disease specialists.
  • Availability
    Our dermatologists are always on call to provide a specialist opinion.

Conditions & Treatments

Our unit offers dermatologic care for all skin disorders and is equipped with advanced facilities for the treatment of angiomas, rosacea, scars, and viral infections (such as warts):
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