unité de néphrologie et d'hémodialyse

Nephrology and Hemodialysis

We diagnose and treat all types of kidney disease, acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, hypertension, kidney stones and electrolyte imbalance disorders.
Nephrology and Hemodialysis
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Useful information


Nephrology Unit

Wing B - Level 0

Conditions Frequently Treated

Unit Organization

Our unit diagnoses and treats all kidney-related diseases, at all stages, and provides personalized care management. 

Consultations and dialysis are available six days a week.

Our nephrologists are on call 24/7, year round.


We work with other services in Paris for home dialysis and kidney transplantation.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Continuity of treatment in close cooperation with the patient
    Personalized care management to optimize treatment at all stages kidney disease.
  • Availability
    Consultations are available six days a week, and a nephrologist can be reached 24/7.
  • Rapid response times
    High-performance diagnostics and testing readily available

Principal Treatments & Exams

nephro traitement
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Our Dialysis Center Welcomes You

Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available based on your needs