Support a Major Innovation in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The Prostate Center at the American Hospital of Paris should soon acquire a Koelis© ultrasound system featuring advanced technology enabling us to perform transperineal prostate biopsies. This technique substantially reduces the risk of infection and overtreatment.
Help us finance this essential tool for the safe and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Funding in progress
83% of the project financed / Total budget: €200,000
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Become a leading international expert

The American Hospital of Paris aims to become a leading international expert in prostate cancer diagnosis by offering targeted transperineal prostate biopsies as a routine component of care.

Koelis transperineal biopsy
Targeted transperineal biopsy performed with the Koelis ultrasound system

Targeted transperineal prostate biopsies

At the Prostate Center of the American Hospital of Paris, patients benefit from the most advanced and least invasive diagnostic techniques, particularly when it comes to biopsies.

When cancer is suspected, the Koelis© ultrasound device we aim to purchase enables the urologist to remove targeted tissue samples by passing through the pelvic floor instead of the rectum. This highly innovative and pain-free technique, performed under local anesthesia, lowers the risk of hospital-acquired infection to almost zero, while its high level of precision helps avoid overtreatment. The American Hospital of Paris would be the only establishment in the Paris region to offer this diagnostic exam.

In addition, transperineal biopsies pave the way for important therapeutic opportunities, soon to be the focus of a European clinical study in which our Hospital plans to participate. The purpose of the study will be to test focal therapy on small tumors. This targeted non-invasive strategy uses microwave therapy, focal laser ablation or cryoablation to reach and eliminate only cancerous lesions without removing the prostate, thereby avoiding sometimes unnecessary treatments leading to severe side effects for the patient.

Support this major medical innovation

The gift you make today will immediately contribute to financing the state-of-the-art Koelis© ultrasound system, essential to performing targeted transperineal prostate biopsies for the safe and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Investment budget: €200,000
Funds already raised: €165,700
Still needed: €34,300

Number of patients who will benefit: 400 per year

Thank you for your generosity!

The American Hospital of Paris thanks the Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation for its generous donation of €80,000.

“Today, an MRI of the prostate is used to more effectively identify patients requiring a prostate biopsy. Once the MRI has identified a suspicious area (the target), a new technology, the Koelis ultrasound device, is used to guide the biopsy procedure by fusing the images with the MRI images. By taking fewer but more accurate samples directly from the targeted area, more aggressive cancers and fewer indolent varieties are detected, thereby reducing the risk of overdiagnosis potentially leading to overtreatment.

I would like to thank in advance all donors who support this major medical innovation benefitting our patients.”

Professor François Haab, Chief of Urology Unit