Patient Rights

Person of Confidence

During your hospitalization, you can nominate a person in your family circle in whom you have complete trust to accompany you throughout the treatment and the decisions to be made.

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Protected Health Information

Certain personal information collected during your hospitalization may be stored digitally, unless you request otherwise.

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Inpatient Confidentiality

During the admissions process, you may request that your presence not be disclosed outside of the Hospital.

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Information to patients regarding their state of health and treatment options

In accordance with the French law of 4 March 2002 which stipulates your right to be informed about your state of health, we pay particular attention to the information that is provided to you. We pledge to keep you informed throughout your stay about your state of health and treatment options.  This approach is part of a collaborative commitment between you and the American Hospital of Paris, to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment, administered with your informed consent.


Individual liberties

In accordance with French law no. 2002-303 of 4 March 2002, the American Hospital of Paris guarantees the respect of your individual liberties, except in cases where your safety must be ensured or for medical reasons.

In addition, during your stay, all information concerning your treatment and state of health is recorded in your confidential medical file. Following your hospitalization, you may request a copy of this file.

Medical Record

During your hospitalization, all information concerning your treatment and condition is entered into your confidential medical record.

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Welfare of Minors and Adults with a Legal Guardian

The personal health information of minors and adults with a legal guardian is shared with the parents or guardians.

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Advance Directives

Any adult may draw up advance directives in the case that s/he would be incapable of stating his or her wishes.

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Compassionate care

Our teams are committed to providing compassionate care and to using their knowledge, skills and humanistic approach to serve you. They care about your well-being, and are attentive to meeting your needs and expectations while respecting your rights and liberties.

Respect of patient dignity and privacy

We are particularly conscientious about respecting your dignity and privacy, including when personal hygiene care is being provided. All of our rooms are private and specifically designed to enhance your comfort and privacy.

Welcoming visitors

Family and loved ones may visit you throughout your stay, during visiting hours. You may also request an extra bed in your room (except in intensive care units) so that a loved one can stay with you for the night.


A diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (especially surgery, invasive procedures, administration of anesthesia, or a blood transfusion) cannot be performed without your consent.

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If you are not satisfied with the care or services provided during your hospitalization, we suggest you first inform your physician or the nurse manager responsible for the unit where you are hospitalized.

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Patient care and rights at the end of life

A Mobile Support Team (MST) was specially created to improve quality of life for patients with a serious, progressive disease or at the end of life, regardless of their age and the stage of their illness.  It serves patients, their families and the primary health care team as well as all persons mourning the death of a loved one.

In order to provide the most appropriate possible care to the patient, the MST may call on other health care professionals such as a social worker, nutritionist or physical therapist. Its members strive to build an active partnership with patients, their loved ones, the primary attending physician and the health care team.

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Pain management

All American Hospital of Paris healthcare team staff – from doctors to nurses’ aides – are committed to the fight against pain.

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Nosocomial Infection Prevention

The advances made in medicine expose patients to various risks, particularly the risk of infection. Infections contracted in a healthcare establishment are called “nosocomial infections”.

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