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Fetal Medicine

All of our prenatal screening and diagnostic experts are available at a single location to perform the full spectrum of exams and consultations, including ultrasounds, one day tests, and non-invasive, invasive and genetic prenatal screening tests.
Fetal Medicine
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The Fetal Medicine Unit

is located on Level 1 – Wing D

Frequent Procedures

Rapidly Available Expertise

The Fetal Medicine Unit is a center of clinical and biological excellence serving patients and gynecologist-obstetricians. We welcome couples and pregnant women, monitoring pregnancies and assisting with analysis, decision-making and monitoring procedures when a fetal malformation or abnormality is detected or suspected, or when a hereditary disease leads a family to consider prenatal diagnostics.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Team of leading specialists
    Experts with experience in university prenatal centers, who speak at national and international conferences
  • Leading-edge diagnostics and testing
    Latest generation sonographic scanners, cutting-edge techniques reflecting the latest scientific and medical data
  • Rapid service
    Minimal waiting for appointments and exam results