unité de kinésithérapie kinés

Physical Therapy

Our functional rehabilitation unit offers in-hospital postoperative treatment and follow-up care as well as consultations open to all patients. This unit is non conventionné, meaning it does not apply the fee schedule established by Assurance Maladie, the French national health insurance.
Physical Therapy
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Physiotherapy Department

Conditions Frequently Treated

Outstanding Service

The unit is headed by Dr. Nys (Rehabilitative Therapy) and includes eight physical therapists (men and women), including two osteopaths, and two secretaries.

We provide treatment for hospitalized patients every day throughout the year.

We also offer outpatient consultations from Monday through Saturday, to provide individual care where we can be present the entire time. In addition, depending on your needs, we offer supportive care such as physiotherapy, traction and mechanical therapy for joint rehabilitation.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Personal care in individual areas
  • A hospital setting
    where specific techniques (traction) can be implemented, and a close relationship and optimal information-sharing can be maintained with the prescribing physicians.
  • Preferential access to high-level diagnostics and testing

Treatments and Exams Offered

Our unit offers a full range of rehabilitative therapy treatments in various fields, including:
unité de kinésithérapie kinés