Geriatrics is a medical discipline that treats patients more than 80 years old, with or without multiple conditions related to an acute episode, or who require diagnosis by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.
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Geriatrics Department


Geriatrics consultations

Wing B - OPD 7

Conditions Frequently Treated

Our Missions

Our unit has cross-functional missions, which are to:

  • offer hospitalization to elderly persons coming directly from home or through the Medical Surgical Unit, for a worsening acute chronic condition or a surgical procedure.
  • conduct an overall medical, psychological and social evaluation, with consideration of the patient experience.
  • perform diagnostic tests and provide treatments that cannot be done on an out-patient basis.
  • treat chronic conditions or imbalances
  • provide an adapted and coordinated approach once the patient is admitted
  • prevent dependency and iatrogenic complications (undesirable effects related to a medical procedure), in particular drug interaction.

Our Care Pathways

Our unit offers various care pathways, guaranteeing quality multidisciplinary medical care delivered by professionals from multiple specializations.

  • In the Medical Surgical Unit, we do everything we can to minimize the patient’s waiting time and admission process. If necessary, a geriatric evaluation can be performed by a geriatric physician on site during the day. Physicians are also on call
  • For hospitalization, either planned or after going through the Medical Surgical Unit, the patient is admitted for treatment by a referring physician who may be a geriatrician, or another doctor who can work directly with the geriatrician.
  • For ambulatory patients (those not hospitalized), we offer:
    -geriatric evaluation consultations
    -preventive check-ups for healthy aging, at the check-up center

What Sets Us Apart

  • A highly skilled healthcare team
    All the teams associated with the geriatric unit are specialists trained to provide individual, patient-centered, multidisciplinary medical psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation throughout the period of hospitalization.
  • Availability 24/7
    Availability of a referring geriatrician and continuous care with a physician on call 24/7, with regular transmission of information.
  • A multidisciplinary environment
    Being located in a multidisciplinary hospital allows us to offer our patients a complete range of medical surgical specialties as well as leading-edge diagnostic and testing services with quick turnaround.

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Treatments & Exams

A comprehensive, in-depth geriatric evaluation of the elderly patient in a holistic manner allows us to treat acute pathologies, reevaluate all chronic conditions and, in a preventive and systematic manner, screen for the major geriatric syndromes: memory problems, fall risk, malnutrition, depression, osteoporosis, drug interactions and therapeutic errors, etc.
The patient’s therapeutic treatment plan is developed in a multidisciplinary manner and personalized according to the patient’s needs and experiences.
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