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Our outpatient oncology unit (which applies the fee schedule established by the French national health insurance) delivers inclusive medical treatments for cancer, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.
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Wing E, Level 4

Patient-centered multidisciplinary care

We treat cancer patients at every step of their disease including diagnosis, choice of therapy, medical and/or surgical treatment and post-therapeutic follow-up. We have an outpatient chemotherapy service which applies the fee schedule established by the French national health insurance and welcomes patients for their ongoing treatment needs.

Treatment and care are administered based on a multidisciplinary approach that mobilizes all of the hospital’s specialists and diagnostic and testing services to ensure patients benefit from the highest possible levels of quality and safety.

We also place an emphasis on providing compassionate care at all times, with highly available teams, 24/7 care continuity and personalized patient support throughout the entire treatment process.

What sets us apart

  • Coordination nurses
    Coordination nurses are dedicated to the global and personalized management of your care pathway
  • Dedicated hospital pharmacists
    To ensure a safe care pathway, particularly for oral treatments, a hospital pharmacist will meet with you and provide ongoing treatment support, acting as a liaison between your regular pharmacy and the Hospital
  • Private chemotherapy rooms
    Seven specially equipped private rooms for treatment administration provide a warm environment for patients

Our approach to medical oncology

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