Our commitment to human welfare

Each person who works at the American Hospital of Paris, whether as an employee, through a private practice or on a volunteer basis, is committed to our institution’s human welfare philosophy.

This commitment plays out through the values of respect, trust, humanity and solidarity described on this page. It is also grounded in the principles set forth in our Hospital’s Code of Ethics and demonstrates our desire to develop an overall culture of welfare, not only with regard to our patients and their loved ones, but also to the professionals who take care of them.

Respect every aspect of patients’ being 

  • Their rights, choices, dignity and privacy
  • Their culture and beliefs
  • The confidential nature of their medical and personal information 
  • Their uniqueness, through a non-discriminatory attitude and absence of judgment

Deliver care in a climate of mutual  trust

  • By providing information that is accessible, loyal and transparent, before, during and after their stay
  • By giving clear, personalized explanations about the nature and administration of their treatment, and appropriate answers to their questions
  • By facilitating their independence and ability to make free choices
  • By maintaining the quality of life of the professionals taking care of them, through a working environment that protects their health and physical and mental well-being

Remain attentive to the needs of patients and their loved ones

  • By listening in a caring, empathetic and comforting manner
  • By taking into consideration their preferences, lifestyle and vulnerabilities while enhancing their comfort and well-being
  • By personalizing their care pathway and education
  • By providing caring support to their family and loved ones

Place patients at the heart of a coherent, community-oriented, respectful organization

  • By establishing relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual assistance within each individual team, between teams and across the institution as a whole, with focus on the patient and the smooth delivery of care 
  • By personally demonstrating an attitude of respect and consideration for each member of the work collective, at all times
  • By adhering to a program of professional practice evaluation and continuous quality improvement
American Hospital of Paris