Votre générosité, source d'excellence

Your Generosity is a Source of Excellence

The American Hospital of Paris is a private, not-for-profit institution. It receives no subsidies from the French or American government. The medical excellence and longevity of your Hospital depend solely on your support. Simply choose the type of giving that suits you best.

Discover all types of giving

Become a Member of the American Hospital of Paris

By joining the Privileged Circle of Members of the American Hospital of Paris, you directly support the Hospital’s projects of excellence and benefit from many exclusive advantages. Your membership dues entitle you to a one-year membership, renewable on the anniversary date, as well as a tax reduction.

Support your Hospital’s general mission

You are free to choose your gift amount and payment method: 

Through your donation, you are encouraging your Hospital’s growth and continuous innovation strategy. 

Support a priority project

With a designated gift, you are supporting a specific project to meet the American Hospital of Paris’s strategic priorities. You are also showing your interest in a particular medical field and your desire to witness the emergence of exclusive innovations. The amount given and payment method used – bank card, check or cash donation – are left to your discretion.

Put your IFI wealth tax to work for your health

The American Hospital of Paris is an institution of recognized public benefit. You can deduct 75 percent of your donation amount from your wealth tax on real estate assets (IFI), with a maximum savings of €50,000. By doing so, you are allocating all or part of your taxes to your Hospital, so they will directly benefit your health. Every year, you have the option of allocating your gift to a specially earmarked IFI project. To claim your tax relief, simply mention it in your assets tax return. 

Recognize an American Hospital of Paris staff member or team with a Grateful Patient Gift

After a stay at the Hospital, an operation, an emergency admission, a birth or even a simple check-up, a grateful patient gift is the ideal way to say a special “thank you” to those who cared for your health or that of a loved one.

Make a bequest for future generations

The American Hospital of Paris is authorized to receive bequests, as well as donations, both of which are tax-exempt. Because we are recognized as an organization of public benefit, you can make a bequest to support the American Hospital of Paris without disadvantaging your loved ones. There are several bequest options available to you, and the Hospital will take every measure to ensure that your wishes are fully respected .

Donate property

The American Hospital Paris is authorized to receive all categories of property as gifts. You can therefore give furniture, vehicles, artwork, and real estate. Just as with a cash donation, your gift of property entitles you to a tax receipt indicating the property’s value. Objects are sold through an auction house, while real estate is sold at market prices, and the proceeds are used to fund the work of the American Hospital of Paris. In certain circumstances, it is also possible to donate only the usufruct or the bare ownership of a property.

Give to honor a loved one

Using a special mechanism (don sur succession) defined by Article 788 III of the French Tax Code, within six months of receiving an inheritance, you can transfer a portion of it to the American Hospital of Paris and reduce your taxable inheritance by the donated amount. This is a way for you to pay tribute to the person you inherited from while helping the Hospital to continue fulfilling its vital mission.

Designate the American Hospital of Paris as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy

A life insurance policy can be a simple, effective way to not only build savings, but also provide financial support to loved ones or to a recognized organization of public benefit such as the American Hospital of Paris.

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