Behind the Mask, a new documentary

Filmed in the midst of the first two waves of Covid and narrated by French actor Gérard Lanvin, Derrière le masque (Behind the Mask) provides a realistic glimpse of our frontline workers on the job.
Friday, April 9 at 9 pm on French TV channel PLANETE+A&E and available on MyCANAL
Derrière le masque documentaire

In 2020, in the midst of the first two waves of Covid, the American Hospital of Paris opened its doors to filmmaker Stéphane Krausz.
Our aim: to show the challenges faced by caregivers during this unprecedented period, but also to listen to their fears and share their daily life "behind the mask". This documentary pays tribute to their work and their commitment.
The documentary Behind the Mask will be broadcast on Friday April 9 at 9 p.m. on PLANETE + A&E and will be available on My CANAL.

One of the first cases of Covid-19 in Île-de-France was diagnosed at the American Hospital of Paris on Friday, February 28, 2020. Our frontline staff could not have imagined that it would be the first of many, marking the beginning of an unprecedented health crisis.

Our aim in making this film was to pay tribute to healthcare professionals, their remarkable devotion and commitment, and their outstanding courage and passion for what they do.

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Derrière le masque will air on Friday, April 9 at 9 pm on the French TV channel PLANETE+A&E and will be available on MyCANAL

  • A 55-minute documentary
  • An original PLANÈTE+A&E production
  • Produced by OVNI Films and Zycopolis
  • Directed by Stéphane Krausz
  • Co-written by Frédéric Chiche
  • Narrated by Gérard Lanvin

Support our teams

As you know, our frontline workers, exhausted from 13 unrelenting months of fighting the virus, are now coping with a third, more aggressive wave, and they need you more than ever.
You can send a message of support to, or enhance their working conditions by donating to our Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund.
Thank you in advance for taking care of those who take care of others.

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