FROM PREVENTION TO PREDICTION: Transformative Algorithms for a Better Health

This new edition, open free to all, will be devoted to prevention and prediction.

4th Harvey Cushing Symposium - 2024

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The 2024 Harvey Cushing Symposium, entitled "From prevention to prediction: algorithms for better health", aims to delve into this universe and its components. From cardiovascular and metabolic diseases to cancer, from health check-ups to ageing detection, from tobacco control to vaccination, from algorithms to digital twins, we now have powerful tools to live better, longer, and healthier. It is this personalized medicine, tailored to each of us, that this symposium will explore, drawing on French and American insights thanks to the participation of the American Universities of Columbia Irving Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine.



The American Hospital of Paris is grateful for the support of the Florence Gould Foundation, sponsor of the Harvey Cushing Conference
Symposium Harvey Cushing 2024
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