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The American Hospital of Paris and KIRO : a significant step forward in the use of AI to interpret laboratory results for personalized preventive medicine

a significant step forward in the use of AI to interpret laboratory results

7 mars 2024
Signature partenariat AHP KIRO

The American Hospital of Paris, a non-profit organization and leader in healthcare prevention, and KIRO, a pioneer in the interpretation of laboratory results using artificial intelligence, have announced the launch of an innovative project to improve the Check-Up Center patient experience and facilitate the interpretation of laboratory results. This initiative aims to enhance the delivery of personalized preventive medicine and aligns with two key aspects of the American Hospital of Paris’s 2024-2028 strategy: prevention and innovation.  

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve quality of care and the patient experience, the Check-Up Center of the American Hospital of Paris, in partnership with KIRO, is launching an innovative initiative to analyze biological data collected during patient check-ups. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, KIRO has developed technology that combines patients’ lab results with their clinical information in order to identify similar patient profiles and compare the findings to existing medical data. This innovation should significantly improve the early detection of disease and the identification of new biomarkers. KIRO and the American Hospital of Paris aim to jointly develop unique expertise in the interpretation of blood test results, not only to make results available more quickly, but also to ensure they are easier to understand and thus enable patients to monitor changes and play a more informed and active role in managing their health.

Through this partnership, the American Hospital of Paris is reiterating its commitment to innovation and the development of more preventive and personalized medicine. This collaboration will help to automate the repetitive processes of collecting, analyzing and comparing laboratory results, thereby freeing up time for healthcare professionals to focus more on providing personalized, relevant care to patients.

Robert Sigal, Chief Executive Officer of the American Hospital of Paris, shares his enthusiasm about the partnership: “With KIRO, we are revolutionizing the way we interpret and present lab results to our patients. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission of providing high-quality personalized preventive care.”

Alexandre Guenoun, CEO and founder of KIRO, adds, “We are very pleased to work with the American Hospital of Paris, a model in the field of patient check-ups and well-known for the excellence of its preventive medicine. This partnership also includes an important research component, so that together with the American Hospital of Paris we can build healthcare programs and services that are truly useful and relevant.”

The strategic partnership between the American Hospital of Paris and KIRO illustrates the increasingly important role played by technology in the development of preventive medicine. The KIRO platform, which is capable of analyzing and interpreting laboratory results, is central to this transformation and heralds a future where personalized preventive medical care is available to all.


About KIRO
Founded in 2019, Kiro is the first AI-powered digital medicine platform in Europe to develop new approaches in biology, leveraging AI technologies to improve patient care and outcomes. Developed in close partnership with leading physicians and biologists and already adopted by millions of users, Kiro's solution provides patients and healthcare professionals with personalized and more comprehensible information, enabling healthcare facilities and laboratories to better monitor and treat their patients thanks to real-time decision-making tools dedicated to prevention and diagnosis. This medically validated solution helps interpret data from a wide range of tests and generates insights in seconds, empowering clinicians worldwide to deliver faster and more efficient care. Kiro is one of the laureates of French Tech 2030, a list of companies selected by the French government for their high potential under the France 2030 plan.




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