Harvey Cushing Symposium - Covid, after the Storm ?

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The Symposium took place on April 4, 2022  at the American Hospital of Paris. It brought together the best American and French experts to discuss what can be expected from the consequences of the exceptional situation that the planet has gone through and is going through.

Since the spring of 2020, French and American hospitals have contributed to the relentless fight against Covid-19 to protect the lives of their patients. This unprecedented battle has been intense in terms of its magnitude, the level of engagement it sparked among doctors and all care teams, and the cohesion that was built not only inside hospitals but with the full spectrum of regional stakeholders.

Patient care protocols were quickly defined and the measures designed to protect our caregiving staff continually evolved as we gained knowledge about the new virus.

After multiple waves and surges of the pandemic on both sides of the Atlantic, where do things stand today? How have care protocols changed with our expanding scientific knowledge and the viral mutations? What are the long-term consequences for patients with regard to their heart, ENT and even mental health?

The pandemic triggered a major health crisis. It forced more than one half of the global population into lockdown while requiring maximum adaptability from health care workers and organizations as they faced greater workloads and the need to reorganize facilities and make complex decisions. How did they adapt in this climate of extreme uncertainty? Would we know how to manage a future pandemic by applying the lessons learned from the one we’re still coping with today?

As everyone anxiously awaits better days, if not the end of this exceptional situation, how can we work to reopen the world when population flow has been blamed for spreading the virus across the planet? What does the future hold for tourism, when approaches to vaccination differ worldwide?


Symposium Harvey Cushing - 4 avril 2022

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