Quality Approved by the Joint Commission!

Quality and safety of care: The American Hospital of Paris has once again obtained full accreditation from the Joint Commission, thereby maintaining its position as the only establishment in the world
Accréditation Joint Commission

Following an evaluation survey conducted from July 25 to 28, 2017, The Joint Commission has renewed the accreditation of the American Hospital of Paris. For over sixty  years our hospital has voluntarily undergone this evaluation, which remains valid for three years and serves as an additional guarantee of the quality and safety of our care, complementing French certification by the Haute Autorité de Santé. The American Hospital of Paris is the only establishment in the world outside the United States to benefit from this accreditation.

This accreditation is a testament to the extremely high standards that American Hospital of Paris personnel consistently strive to meet, whether or not they are direct caregivers.

The accreditation procedure consists in an unannounced visit and investigations by three surveyors. These experienced healthcare professionals inspect all of the hospital's departments on the basis of more than 1,800 criteria in a wide range of areas such as patient pathway safety, particularly for interventional procedures ; medication management; infection control and building safety.

Accreditation is also very demanding in that it requires the hospital to establish the individual qualification level of its medical professionals through a process known as credentialing. Whenever a new practitioner is recruited, and then every two years, their professional qualifications and competencies are assessed in order to validate their credentials within the hospital, and their specific field of practice is defined by means of an assignment (for instance, cardiology and/or interventional cardiology).

“The Joint Commission has taken root in the American Hospital’s DNA, serving as a further guarantee of the quality and safety of our care and enabling us to offer patients the best in French and American medical practices. More than ever, medical excellence and quality of care are the foremost preoccupations of our doctors and staff," said Professor Robert Sigal, CEO.

What is the Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission, an independent American organization, pioneered the hospital accreditation system in the United States. For more than fifty  years, the American Hospital of Paris has voluntarily undergone evaluation surveys by the Joint Commission. Assessments take place every three years based on a framework of 1,800 criteria forming more than 220 standards. These standards focus on every aspect of the hospital: quality of care, medical file management, infection control, equipment management, medication management and safety rules.

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