unité de rhumatologie

Rheumatology and Physical & Adaptive Medicine

Our unit, headed by Dr. Nys, diagnoses and treats the full range of musculoskeletal system disorders and their functional consequences (physical therapy and rehabilitation).
Rheumatology and Physical & Adaptive Medicine
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Rheumatology Department

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Rheumatology Consultations

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Conditions Frequently Treated

Comprehensive Individual Monitoring

Our team is composed of four senior specialists. This structure allows us to regularly discuss cases and partner with the physical therapists and osteopath to provide comprehensive individual monitoring for all of our patients.

Our department has access to excellent diagnostic and testing services within the hospital to perform the full range of complementary exams quickly, in order to make an exact diagnosis and develop a treatment plan as rapidly as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Experienced and highly specialized physicians
  • Access to excellent diagnostic and testing services
  • Very rapid implementation of necessary treatments and individualized care by the physical therapists

Exams & Treatments

All nationally and internationally recommended and approved treatments are available at the American Hospital of Paris. Our team is particularly focused on providing individualized care management for each patient.
Traitements et examen rhumatologie