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Medical Imaging

Our department combines the medical skills of highly-specialized, recognized radiologists with comprehensive state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing services to diagnose and monitor our patients’ conditions.
Medical Imaging
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Imaging Department

Nuclear Medicine and PET scan


Radiology, ultrasound, mammography

Office Wing H - Level 1


Building J - Level -1


Wing H / niveau -1

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Our Medical Imaging department allows us to explore all pathologies, regardless of the organ concerned.

Organizationally, it is part of an Imaging Center, with the Nuclear Medicine Unit and the Interventional Radiology Unit. This structure allows us to optimize the patient journey by choosing the most appropriate technique for each case and to offer comprehensive diagnostic services and therapeutic treatment, through minimally-invasive procedures in interventional radiology.

The comprehensive diagnostic and testing services have state-of-the-art technology: from mammography (by tomosynthesis, one of the most high-performance machines on the market) to MRIs (two latest-generation machines, including a University-type 3T), including CT scanners (two very new systems, one with a 256-slice detector and the other with a spectral imaging module) and ultrasound machines (with the recent acquisition of a very high resolution machine).

The radiologists are all organ specialists, which allows them to respond with the best possible medical solution for each patient. For difficult cases, our structure makes it possible to get a new reading or a second opinion very quickly.

What Sets Us Apart

  • A highly technical medical and paramedical team
    Our extremely specialized radiologists and radiology technicians (who perform only two different procedures) are true reflections of the quality of care we provide to our patients.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic and testing service
    This comprehensive diagnostic and testing service is dedicated solely to patients at the American Hospital of Paris. It benefits from very close technological monitoring, thanks to partnerships with manufacturers and in the artificial intelligence field.
  • Pleasant and welcoming premises
    Our new, bright and spacious imaging building is devoted to CT scanner and MRI explorations, and offers patients a personal welcome.

Imagerie médicale pédiatrique

Une radio-pédiatre est présente à l'Hôpital Américain pour réaliser les examens des enfants quelle que soit la modalité ou la pathologie : IRM pédiatrique, scanner pédiatrique, radio pédiatrique, échographie pédiatrique.

Les rendez-vous se prennent par téléphone au 01 46 41 25 55.