Paris, February 1, 2022 – Today, the American Hospital of Paris officially launched its One-Day Breast Diagnosis

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Paris, February 1, 2022 – Today, the American Hospital of Paris officially launched its One-Day Breast Diagnosis, a personalized care pathway for women with suspected breast cancer following the detection of a clinical anomaly or an abnormal imaging result.
The aim of the pathway is to obtain an accurate diagnosis within a very short timeframe, enabling patients to receive treatment without delay.

When a self-exam or mammogram reveals an anomaly or suspected breast cancer, waiting for the next exams—and the results—can be a long and stressful period. The American Hospital of Paris now lets women significantly reduce the anxiety-inducing wait time for diagnosis and results.

“The One-Day Breast Diagnosis is designed to facilitate the care pathway for women, bringing them reassurance when faced with a suspicious anomaly. It eliminates the waiting periods for appointments and exam results, which cause anxiety and may delay the beginning of treatment,” explains Professor Mahasti Saghatchian, the oncologist in charge of this program at the American Hospital of Paris.   

The One-Day Breast Diagnosis offered by the American Hospital of Paris allows patients to receive a diagnosis revealing the exact nature of their anomaly in just one half-day. The procedure includes a consultation with an oncologist specialized in breast cancer and a radiological workup and fine-needle aspiration, the results of which are available within the half-day. If a biopsy is performed, the results are delivered during a second appointment, 24 to 48 hours later.

The complete breast diagnosis pathway, which only takes a half-day, is designed for: 

  • Patients with a symptom affecting the breast such as a lump, discharge or inflammation, detected through a self-exam or by a doctor

  • Patients with an anomaly detected through imaging or a clinical examination  

  • Patients who would like a second diagnostic opinion

The One-Day Breast Diagnosis takes place in a center of expertise staffed by breast radiation therapists, anatomical pathologists, specialized surgeons and oncologists.
Patients also benefit from psychological support and are accompanied by a dedicated team throughout the pathway. This approach to patient support is core to the American Hospital of Paris’s caregiving philosophy. When necessary, treatment can also be organized very rapidly, if desired by the patient.

The American Hospital of Paris has its own cancer center where comprehensive breast cancer care is provided by an exclusive multidisciplinary team at every stage of treatment, including screening and personalized prevention (Women’s Risk Institute), diagnosis, surgery (tumor removal and reconstruction surgery), chemotherapy and radiation therapy (at the Porte de St Cloud Cancer Center), and supportive care during and after treatment (in particular through the Wellness Lab);


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