Notre nouveau service d'urgences à Neuilly

24/7 Medical Surgical Unit

Our 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit provides emergency care for acute medical and surgical problems to patients aged 16 and above, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Open 24/7

63, boulevard Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine FRANCE

The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit of the American Hospital of Paris is a center for consultations and care featuring premium diagnostic and testing facilities.

In addition to handling traditional medical emergencies, our unit is equipped to treat the following, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Cardiac emergencies (heart attack, rhythm disorders) with angioplasty and rhythm disorder diagnostics and testing.
  • Surgical emergencies (orthopedic, visceral, vascular) with specialists and an operating room at its disposal.
  • Endoscopic emergencies (digestive and bronchial).
  • Neurological emergencies with a neurologist on call.
  • Gynecologic and obstetric emergencies with a specialized sonographer and obstetrician on site.
  • Urological emergencies with an on-call urologist (24-hour care of kidney stones)
  • Dental and maxillofacial emergencies with a dental surgeon on call.

What Sets us Apart

  • Clinical lab and imaging available 24
    The Hospital’s diagnostic and testing facilities are available to our emergency physicians at all times: clinical laboratory, medical imaging, Doppler, interventional technology (interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, endoscopy).
  • Services in several languages
    Our team members are bilingual (English/French). If needed, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic interpreters are available on site or by telephone, nights and weekends.
  • Specialists on call 24/7
    Thanks to an on-call system, our emergency physicians can request support from one of 150 specialists accredited by the American Hospital of Paris if necessary.

Medical Team

The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit is staffed by:

  • 5 native French- or English-speaking bilingual emergency physicians who have more than ten years of experience and are members of the French society of emergency medicine.
  • A team of bilingual nurses trained in emergency care.
  • A team of bilingual administrative assistants.

The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit operates around the clock. At minimum, the following are on site at all times:

  • One emergency physician (two emergency physicians on weekends and during peak hours)
  • One team of registered nurses and nurse’s aides
  • Reception – open daily from 7:00 am to midnight


The 24/7 Medical Surgical Unit has been renovated and transformed to increase its reception capacity and guarantee all patients a personalized and qualitative experience.

The new space, extended by 80 m², makes it possible to organize separate routes between "standing" patients and "lying down" patients, in order to streamline stays and reduce real waiting time. The circulation plan is based on the principle of "moving forward": between reception, care, examinations and discharge, the patient progresses constantly, without ever going back, which significantly improves the feeling of expectation. The modern, cozy and connected environment offers waiting rooms and individual rooms promoting comfort, intimacy and confidentiality.