Pain Management

Our fight against pain

The medical team at the American Hospital of Paris is committed to the fight against pain. The Hospital’s Pain Prevention Committee (CLUD) coordinates daily actions.

Assessing pain

During hospitalization, the evaluation of patient pain is done methodically and daily. You will be asked to indicate your pain level (from 0-10) on a scale.
Upon arrival, a nurse will show you how to use the scale. Pain levels are measured for as long as you deem necessary.

Relieving pain

Analgesics are medicines used to fight pain. Even if they do not always eliminate pain completely, these medicines do relieve pain. Morphine is a powerful analgesic. It is a medicine and not a drug, and is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). When used in the right dosage, it enables the patient to undergo invasive procedures without pain or discomfort.

The fight against pain requires the collective efforts of all hospital staff. The Pain Prevention Committee (CLUD), made up of doctors and nurses, coordinates these efforts and defines a pain management protocol. The CLUD is assisted by pain reference nurses who work to explain and implement the protocols in the different care teams.
Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, the American Hospital of Paris was ranked A+ in the 2010 l’Express magazine survey on pain management in healthcare establishments.


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