Cancer du sein - sénologie

Breast cancer

The Breast Center directed by Dr. Mahasti Saghatchian is a center of expertise staffed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. It offers each patient a personalized pathway of support which includes preventive care, diagnostics, surgery, cosmetic reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Breast cancer
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Global breast cancer expertise

The Breast Center team is united around one essential belief: that prevention, early diagnosis, innovation and holistic patient care are key to fighting breast cancer and to offering women quality, long-term survival.

Our unit combines the most innovative investigative technologies, state-of-the-art treatment techniques and individualized care, all in a single location. This means our patients benefit from personalized treatment within a minimal timeframe.

With our patient-centered approach, each woman is monitored by an attending surgeon, oncologist and coordinating nurse. This nurse, whom patients can contact directly, performs an individual assessment of supportive care needs and acts as a liaison between hospital and private practice health care professionals. After each hospital visit, whether for a consultation, in-patient stay or imaging exam, a report is automatically sent to the patient and to the attending physician.

Patients with a chronic disease (Affection Longue Durée) benefit from full reimbursement by the French national health insurance of the following medical expenses, with no co-payment required: chemotherapy (no advance payment), radiation therapy (no advance payment), lab work (advance payment) and imaging (advance payment). Only medical consultation fees exceed the national fee schedule; these excess fees may be reimbursed by the patient’s supplemental insurance.

What sets us apart

  • A global pathway
    Comprehensive services ranging from prevention to post-cancer monitoring based on the latest innovations and cutting-edge techniques.
    The pathway in detail
  • An attending doctor and multidisciplinary team
    Our oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, specialized radiologists, anatomical pathologists, nurses, clinical pharmacists, psycho-oncologists, pain doctors and dieticians all work together to ensure coordinated care and treatment.
  • A premium care environment
    No waiting for chemotherapy consultations or outpatient care, small-scale structure featuring individual rooms only
    Our Hospital

Optimized care environment

  • No waiting for chemotherapy consultations or outpatient care
  • Small-scale structure (seven ambulatory chemotherapy stations) designed to enhance privacy and comfort
  • Throughout your pathway, a Health Coordinator is designated to coordinate your care and answer any questions you may have. She is present during the diagnosis process, throughout every step of your treatment if a diagnosis is announced, and during the post-treatment period.
  • In the event of hospitalization or surgery: air-conditioned individual rooms with private bathroom and television, and additional services available such as room service, free Internet and valet parking.
  • Since 1954, the American Hospital of Paris has undergone regular voluntary audits by the American Joint Commission. This accreditation attests to the quality of the hospital’s clinical offering and patient services.


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