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Annual Report 2020

Bilingual publication published each year by the American Hospital of Paris, this report is devoted in particular to the presentation of its results and achievements, as well as to its short and medium term projects.


L'Américain is the newsletter for friends and donor members of the American Hospital of Paris.

Last Issue:

  • L'Américain 78
    In this issue: Prostate cancer: Targeted Therapies, a Breakthrough Cancer Treatment; Your Hospital & You: A New Space Dedicated to Kidney Stones; Our Committed Partner: Christian Rolloy, a Builder and a Philanthropist; Support Your Hospital: How the American Hospital of ParisMaximizes the Value of Your Bequest.
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  • L'Américain 77
    In this issue: Interventional Arrhythmia Center: Treating and Curing Cardiac Rhythm Disorders; Your Hospital & You: Fighting Health Care-Associated Infections: 2019 Assessment; Our Committed Partner: A Portrait of Jack Delaunay; Support Your Hospital: Giving Could Eliminate Your IFI Wealth Tax.
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  • L'Américain 76
    In this issue: Urology: A New Center of Excellence at the American Hospital of Paris; Your Hospital & You: Covid-19; Stepping Up in the Face of the Epidemic; Our Committed Partners: Dr Riadh Caïd Essebsi and the Medical Staff of the American Hospital of Paris; Support Your Hospital: Life Insurance, Another Way to Give.
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  • L'Américain 75
    In this issue: The American Hospital of Paris Introduces Artificial Intellignece; Your Hospital & You: Emergeency, Covid-19; Our Committed Partner: Jean Busnot; Support Your Hospital: International Donations: Your Generosity is Rewarded, Wherever You Are.
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  • L'Américain 74
    In this issue: Stepping Up Medical Exchanges with the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital; Your Hospital & You: New MRI Device Installed; Our Committed Partner: Michel David-Weill; Support Your Hospital: Tribute Gifts.
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  • L'Américain 73

    In this issue: Medical Innovation: Five New Reserach Projects; Your Hospital & You: Agreement Signed with the Université Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine; Our Committed Partner: Elena Zilkha; Support Your Hospital: Make a bequest Net of All Fees and Taxes.
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  • L'Américain 72

    In this issue: From the Desire to Have a Baby to Giving Birth; Your Hospital & You: A Transformed Patient Information Department; Our Committed Partner: The Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation; Support Your Hospital: The IFI Tax on Real Estate.
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  • L'Américain 71

    In this issue: Screen and Prevent Coronary Heart Disease; Your Hospital & You: The Right Steps against Risk of Infection; Our Committed Partner: Ambassador Howard & Mrs. Leach; Support Your Hospital: New Monthly Withholding Tax System: No Change to Tax Benefits.
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