Other Functional Explorations

Our center offers a complete range of exams to measure organ function through screening, diagnosis and  therapeutic treatment.



A complete range of exams to measure all functions of the organs

What Set us Apart

Simplified patient pathways, private waiting areas and personalized follow-up

Cardiac Inverstigations

To measure heart function

neurological Investigations

Investigations of the nervous system

Pulmonary Investigations

To measure lung volume, flow and exercise tolerance

Vascular Investigations - Doppler

Non-invasive investigations using Doppler ultrasound


Inaugurated in January 2015, our new Functional Investigations Center offers a full range of exams to evaluate organ function, all performed in a single location and in a single visit :

  • Cardiac investigations
  • Neurological investigations
  • ENT investigations
  • Pulmonary investigations
  • Vascular investigations - Doppler



What Sets Us Apart

Centralized coordination to simplify patient pathways

  • A single reception desk so you can schedule several exams with just one phone call 
  • The different exams can be performed in a single visit
  • All investigational exams are performed within the Center, eliminating the need to go to other departments

Private waiting areas 

  • Our waiting areas were specially designed to ensure comfort and privacy for our patients

Precise, personalized patient follow-up

  • Electronic patient files allow practitioners to view your medical history in the blink of an eye
  • Patients may opt to receive their exam results at the end of the appointment, or have them sent to their prescribing physician 

Cardiac Investigations

We employ cutting-edge technology and methods to perform all the examinations necessary for diagnosis, including:

  • Resting electrocardiogram : to monitor the heart's activity when at rest
  • Stress test (treadmill, stationary bike and VO2 max) : electrocardiogram performed during graded physical exercise.
  • Transthoracic and transesophageal coronary Doppler ultrasoud : to investigate the blood  vessels, their walls and coronary flow using a non-invasive medical imaging technique.
  • Holter monitor : 24-hour electrocardiogram monitoring. 
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring.
  • Stress echocardiogram (exercise and Dobutamine) on a specially designed table: to visualize heart contractions following different types of stimulation or stress.

Neurological Investigations

Investigation of the nervous system using a range of methods:

neurological function tests:

  • Standard electroencephalogram : : investigation by a specialized technician of fainting, loss of consciousness or bouts of confusion.
  • Extended electroencephalogram (Holter) : ambulatory exam performed when epilepsy is suspected and the standard electroencephalogram is normal.
  • Electromyogram (EMG) : to study the muscles and peripheral nerves in patients with polyneuritis, nerve compression (carpal tunnel syndrome), muscular disease, sciatica or cervicobrachial disorder.

Other investigations

  • MRI afters a stroke
  • medical imaging:MRI and magnetic resonance angiography, CT scan, Doppler and PET scan examinations are all available on site to rapidly assess the various neurological diseases.
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid can be analyzed on an outpatient basis for certain diseases (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s) using simplified procedures.

Pulmonary Investigations

These investigations include respiratory exercises, performed under the supervision of a specially trained nurse, designed to test lung volume and diffusion capacity with and without a bronchodilator, and walking tests to evaluate tolerance to physical exertion. 

  • Pulmonary function tests: analysis of lung volume and diffusion capacity in patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD. These tests are also a crucial component of preoperative assessments for thoracic and cardiac surgery, and dyspnea (shortness of breath) assessments. They generally take place in a specialized room, but can be performed while the patient is in bed, using a small portable device. 
  • Stress tests :

- Six-minute walk test supervised by a nurse to measure the distance walked in six minutes, with evaluation of dyspnea, oxygen rate during the test and pulse rate

-VO2 max (analysis of oxygen consumption) which measures physical exertion tolerance and, in difficult cases, may indicate a cardiac or respiratory cause for shortness of breath

  • DLCO measurement (Diffusing capacity of the Lung for Carbon Monoxide): this quick and simple test requires a brief apnea, to evaluate ease of gas exchange
  • Bronchial porvocation tests :these tests search for bronchial hyperresponsiveness, and are conducted under medical supervision 
  • Arterial blood gas analysis : to measure the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • Right heart catheterization  : to measure pulmonary artery blood pressure

Vascular Investigations - Doppler

We perform investigative tests on the blood vessels, their walls and coronary flow using Doppler ultrasound, a non-invasive medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and is not harmful to your health.

Investigations :

  • Neck vessel and transcranial Doppler ultrasound
  • Doppler ultrasound of the arm and leg arteries and veins
  • Doppler ultrasound of the aorta
  • Doppler ultrasound of the renal arteries
  • Doppler ultrasound of the digestive arteries

Equipment :

  • Two pulsed-wave color Doppler sonographic scanners with software to assess atherosclerosis risk by measuring artery wall thickness
  •  Two continuous-wave Doppler sonographic scanners
  • One transcranial Doppler sonographic scanner



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